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SEO is the review of a number of elements related to the “search engine friendliness” of a website. This includes both the on and off page factors of a website affecting search results.

on-page factors
The things you can physically change on your website to make it more search engine friendly.
Keyword Focusing
The selection and targeting of key phrases relevant to your business forms the basis of SEO. Our job is to ensure the correct placement of these key phrases for maximum exposure in search results.
There are two sections to this:
  • Optimisation of HTML tags in the coding of your site.
  • Optimisation of the visible content on your site.
  • Website Architecture
    This means ensuring your website has a sound structural foundation, making it easier for search engines to index/crawl. To name a few this includes:
  • Navigational issues
  • Internal linking structure
  • Clean coding in the backend of the site
  • Anything that may be considered a “spider trap” preventing search engines from indexing portions of your website.
  • off-page factors
    Are outside of your website and are therefore the things you have less control over. This portion is directly related to building trust and credibility for your website. Every search engine aims to provide it’s searchers with the most relevant and trustworthy information in the results.
    We assist our clients to improve this “reputation” in a number of ways such as:
  • Building quality inbound links
  • Social Media Marketing i.e. social bookmarking and corporate profiling on social sites
  • Anything that we feel would result in positive exposure for your website thereby earning you a higher vote of trust.
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