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Web Development, Design & Maintenance by Search Fusion

We believe website design & development needs to make information gathering a user friendly experience for the target market. Functionality needs to be balanced with a look and feel that extends a strong focus towards the businesses core objectives.

A website should to cater for brand awareness, future expansion and online marketing campaigns through search engine friendly architecture. This field of expertise sets us apart; we work closely to build a website design free of some of the crucial limitations and disabilities often overlooked when developing a website.

Our Skill Set
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • ASP
  • VB
  • MS Access, MS SQL Server, My SQL Database
  • Java Script
  • Flash and action-script
  • Photoshop
  • SEO

  • Our Service Set
  • Static, Dynamic & Flash Website Development
  • CMS (content management system used for client-side website amendments)
  • Website banner design
  • Search engine friendly architecture
  • On and offline branding

  • Maintenance Agreements

    In order to maintain a fresh and constantly evolving website free from stagnating content, we offer Maintenance Agreements structured to suit the individual client’s needs. Our agreements are based over 6 month periods and our clients choose the number of hours they feel they need. Maintenance Agreements can be put to use in a number of constructive ways. Some clients use their maintenance hours to update content & imagery, whilst others use their agreement for competitor analysis and pre-development research.
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